MEF@15: On The Road to Zero Waste

In celebration of our Fifteenth Year Anniversary, MEF is publishing this book “MEF@15: On The Road To Zero Waste” to showcase and highlight some of our projects in the past 15 years.

These stories, from our partner local government units, our campaigns and advocacies, our regular programs and projects, and our events, represent MEF’s contribution to the Zero Waste movement in the Philippines and in the world.

These stories, presented chronologically in this book, also demonstrates the changes and development in MEF’s approach to promoting Zero Waste. From giving simple workshops to barangays in Batangas, to establishing models, i.e. schools like CRACMES, barangays like Brgy. Fort Bonifacio, and cities like San Fernando, Pampanga, - MEF is constantly innovating in its approaches and strategies.

We hope these stories will inspire other LGUs and institutions to do their part in achieving a Zero Waste Philippines.

Each of these stories represent one piece of the Zero Waste puzzle. While each of these featured communities are still on their way towards Zero Waste, together they demonstrate that, indeed, Zero Waste is Possible!

Download the PDF version of the book here.